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One of our extensively field proven designs, below is a video of an X8 coaxial octocopter UAV that was originally designed by John Fardoulis and Bart Dworzanski at the University of Bristol. This design and members of its family have done extensive fieldwork, particularly radiation mapping, atmospheric monitoring up to 2.5km above ground level, photogrammetry and other field experiments. It has also been used to carry a 2.5kg rotating LiDAR system for aerial surveys.

This platform has been endorsed for aerial work with a take-off weight of up to 10.8Kg. It has significantly more grunt than a Cinestar 8, which has also been used for research at the University of Bristol. Fardoulis Robotics also has a larger, more powerful version of this X8 and a twelve rotor Dodecacopter variant.

Here’s a paper by our colleagues at the University of Bristol about how a version of this platform was used for atmospheric monitoring, doing over 100 flights to an altitude in excess of 1.5 km above ground level.

My High Performance Remote Sensing Copter from john fardoulis on Vimeo.