We’re available to design and run flight ops/fieldwork for university and scientific projects, with CAA Permission for Aerial Work in both 0-7 kg and 7-20 kg multirotor categories.

Don’t make the mistake that most do and take five steps backward (in trying to become competent in UAS fieldwork), before you can take a single step forward. Why not just focus on the data and leave the UAS ops to us?

John Fardoulis has been the lead contractor for the University of Bristol across a number of different scientific projects involving UAS for mapping, detection, sensing and monitoring, including being the first person to fly a UAS for radiation mapping on the Sellafield nuclear site in April 2014, and the first to fly a UAS on part of the Aldermaston nuclear site in June 2014, plus flying UAS near Fukushima in Japan, for airborne radiation mapping in May 2014.


More details will be posted soon.